Frequently Asked Questions

What is deboned meat?

Dan's Custom Sausage is only able to process deboned meat.

Deboned refers to meat that is broken down and separated from the bone of the animal. By working with deboned meat, we are able to prepare delicious sausages, jerky and more easily and quickly.

What kind of meat can you work with?

Dan’s can process almost any kind of meat as long as it is deboned. We work with farmers and ranchers to process their beef, pork and chicken meat. We also have hunters who bring in their moose, elk and deer meat to be turned into jerky, steaks, sausages and more.

How should I store my meat?

We carry many different meat products at Dan’s Custom Sausage. Some of our products are ready to eat, and some need to be stored in a fridge or freezer before being cooked. It is important to follow the instruction on the packaging. You are also free to ask us if you have any questions regarding how to store and cook our meat products.

Can you deliver your meat and bread products?

Yes, we do deliver! We can deliver your order within 50 km of Ponoka for a set delivery fee or within 100 km of Ponoka at a negotiated delivery rate.

We are also able to ship our jerky products throughout Alberta.

What are fillers and why don't I want them in my meat?

Meat fillers are additives, often low in nutritional value, such as water, soy, starch, flour, and yeast.

Some meat producers use fillers to bulk up the weight of the meat without increasing their production costs. So, you end up paying more for less meat.

Fillers can also be used to extend the shelf life of meat products. This means you could be serving meat that was on a shelf longer than it was intended.

At Dan's Custom Sausages, we do not use any fillers or additives in our products. Instead, we use simple ingredients and prepare our meat the traditional way. If you have questions about our products and our ingredients, feel free to contact Dan's.