Dan's History

Dan’s History in the Meat Industry

Dan and Barb of Dan’s Custom Sausage have a long history in the meat industry, providing Albertans with handmade and customized meats and bread. Dan’s shares this long-standing passion for meat with you. 

Dan has 35 years of experience as a butcher, meat cutter and sausage maker. Our knowledge of meat processing is passed on to the products you can find in our store. Our history with meat processing started in Switzerland. That is why many of our delicious recipes have a European flare. Find out more about Dan’s Custom Sausage’s history.

  • 1987 Apprenticeship (3 years) in Switzerland
  • 1994 Master Butcher diploma from Switzerland
  • 2003 Sylvan Lake Sausage & Meats
  • 2005 Sunken Bridge Meat Processing in Ponoka
  • 2017 Dan’s Custom Sausage Ltd