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Meat and Bread Prepared by Hand

If you are cooking for your family and friends, you want to serve them high-quality meat. You can taste the difference when your food isn’t over-processed and full of fillers. At Dan’s Custom Sausage, all our products are prepared by hand with only the best ingredients. To also provide you with the best quality products, we have gluten-free options available.

Whether you have deboned wild game you need prepared, or if you need to grab something quick for dinner, Dan’s has a custom solution for you. We have a wide range of meat products available, including sausages, ham, chicken breast and more. All our meats are locally sourced from Alberta farms. Dan’s also has bread products available in our shop.

At Dan’s Custom Sausages, we share our European heritage in our recipes. Many of the meat and bread products we offer are European favourites like schnitzel, landjager, bratwurst and more. 

You can find all our products on our online store or visit our shop just minutes from Ponoka, AB.


Whether you are looking for something for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dan’s Custom Sausage has meat products you can serve at any meal. We hand-make sausages, bacon, jerky and other products.

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There is nothing like freshly baked bread. Bread bought at the grocery store can be stale and flavourless. The bread and buns at Dan’s Custom Sausage are prepared fresh for you to enjoy.

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