Quality Meat Products You Can Serve at Any Meal

Whether you are looking for something for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dan’s Custom Sausage has meat products you can serve at any meal. We hand-make sausages, bacon, jerky and other meat products. This process ensures that the meat isn’t over-processed with machines. We take the time to brine, cure and smoke our meat products; this process can take days or even weeks. And to ensure you serve the highest quality meat products at your table, all the meat used in our products are locally sourced. 

You can shop our available meat products in our shop just outside of Ponoka, or you can even order online. We also provide the option to custom order your meat products. If you have deboned wild game meat like moose, deer or elk, that needs to be prepared, we have the capabilities to assist you. Or, if you have deboned beef or pork that needs to prepared, Dan’s can make steaks, sausages, jerky and more for you to take home.


Our sausages are created using simple recipes, many of which you can find throughout Europe. We use specially selected spices in our sausages to bring the best flavours of the meat out. You won’t find filler ingredients in any of our products.

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Ham & Bacon

The ham and bacon products at Dan’s Custom Sausage are made with locally sourced pork. We are also committed to using simple and delicious ingredients when preparing our ham and bacon because, let’s face it, pork is delicious enough on its own.

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Snack & Dried Meat

Dried meat like jerky and pepperoni are the perfect snacks, and it is a great option to pack on a road trip. Our snackable and dried meat include beef jerky, pepperoni, salami, landjager, and teriyaki and sweet & spicy sticks.

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Meat Products

Are you ready for dinner? Maybe you aren’t sure what to serve - well, Dan’s Custom Sausages can help with our selection of meat products. We have a wide variety of meats to fit any taste and diet.

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