Meat Processing

Wild Game & Livestock Meat Processing

You have all this meat from hunting or your ranch, but you need it processed. Bring in your meat to Dan’s Custom Sausage in Ponoka. We can process the meat into almost anything like sausages, jerky, steaks, bacon and more. Your meat can also be completely customized to your taste with the spices and flavours used.

We can process almost all deboned* wild game and livestock meat.
*All meat brought in to be processed at Dan’s Custom Sausage must be deboned.

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Wild Game

Wild game meat provides its own unique flavour. If you are a hunter who has recently brought down a game animal, we can help you with processing the meat and creating something that is delicious to serve to your family and friends. Dan’s Custom Sausage can process almost every type of wild game meat, including deer, elk, moose and more.

We can customize your order based on what type of meat you want to be prepared and what spices and ingredients you want to be included. We just ask that any wild game meat you bring in to be processed be deboned.


Raising your livestock not only provides an income, but you are also able to put food on the table. You raise the animals, and Dan’s Custom Sausage can prepare the meat you serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We can process deboned meat from your livestock into delicious and customized steaks, jerky and sausages. 

Dan’s can work with beef, pork, chicken and other livestock meat to create a meal you will be happy to serve.